Who We Are

The #Imagine network was initiated in 2013 by a group of teenage ministry leaders in order to discuss and develop relevant teenage ministry models. Since then the network has grown to a national movement that consists of hundreds of churches across different denominations and cultural backgrounds all across South Africa.


Our Story

In 2016 the network registered a nonprofit company, the Imagine Youth Movement, as the legal entity for the projects and programmes within the movement. A board of directors, consisting of ministry leaders within the movement, provide strategic and organisational leadership. The board of directors are all fulltime ministry leaders, providing leadership to #Imagine as volunteers. Since we started out as a network organisation, many of the projects and programmes are hosted by other legal entities, with oversight from the national executive committee.

What we hope to achieve

We want to inspire and equip teenagers to:

... imagine new possibilities for their own lives, their communities and South Africa
... cultivate a Christ-centred identity connected to a local church community
... take action to make South Africa better

We want to assist churches to develop teenage ministry paradigms that empower and involve teenagers in church life and mission involvement. We want to be a reconciling influence in South Africa, bringing people from different communities, churches, races, cultural backgrounds and income classes together.

Our Credo

We are the Imagine Generation. We believe in tomorrow because Jesus renews. We dream of peace because God is love. We commit to change because the Spirit moves. We are the church of today, the leaders of tomorrow.



Find out more about what we do:

#Imagine Experiences

Big, fun-filled events across South Africa

Post Experience Roll-out

We provide support after the experience

Mentoring Leaders

We support and up-skill ministry leaders