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Teenagers can only attend the Experiences in church or school groups accompanied by adults from their home church. In this way we try to ensure that the Experience is not an isolated island experience. Our aim is to provide a catalyst event that can inspire and equip teenagers to lead active Christ-driven lives in their local churches and communities.

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How to register

Download the entry form

Download our entry form below and distribute it.


Register a new account for your church or school. One person can act as the group admin.


Account is verified within 24 hours.

Book tickets

Once account is verified, tickets can be booked using info from entry forms

Add/change basket

Add tickets to your basket, remove tickets, edit info as you want.


Once you are happy with your basket, close the order and check out.


The group admin will receive an invoice (via email) with the amount owed, banking details and a reference number for EFT transfer.

Additional tickets

For additional tickets, a new order (basket) can be opened.

Please also double check that all your teenagers have an indemnity forms and that all your leaders and volunteers have their declaration forms.

Group Admin Registration

Group admins can register by filling in the form below:

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Please note that your registration will have to be approved first before you will have access to make a group booking.