Mentoring Leaders

We have found that the success of teenage ministries relies heavily on the skill level of ministry leaders. As a movement, we are committed to support and up-skill ministry leaders in a number of ways.

#ignite Leadership Conferences
Young Adults
Building networks
How to get involved

#ignite Leadership conferences

The #ignite initiatives are yearly events where youth pastors, volunteers and youth leaders  can  gather to  think  together  about the latest trends in teenage ministry. #Ignite provides an excellent platform for networking and exchanging ideas. At present we are hosting yearly #ignite events in Gauteng and the Western Cape.


Young Adults

Students and young adults who attended #Imagine Experiences as learners are becoming the next generation generation of mentors of high school learners. We cooperate with various organisations involved in student ministry to build a network of student ministries who can be a positive influence and mentors to teenagers.

Building Networks

Ecumenical and intercultural networking is a wonderful way of releasing energy. By hosting regular networking meetings and being very intentional about building bridges between churches and communities, we hope to bring various churches and leaders from different traditions and cultures together to learn from one another. We are encouraged by the enthusiasm of church leaders who are active in the network.

How can you get involved?

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