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A lot of effort is put into creating original South African resources that can speak into the hearts of teenagers. A team of creative ministry leaders work long hours to prepare and distribute videos, Bible studies, small group discussion guides and community challenges that are relevant to our context.

#imagine Resource Pack 2019

All the resources you need for 2019

#imagine Resource Pack 2018

Scripture Video’s: Surprisingly Different

Modern day South African interpretation of the Zach Story (Luke 19). Total episodes: 4

Episode 1 See Differently:

Episode 2 Live Differently:

Episode 3 Love Differently:

Episode 4 Doing Differently:

Challenge video’s

Challenge video 1:

Challenge video 2:

Challenge video 3:

Challenge video 4:

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#imagine Resource Pack 2017

Scripture Video’s

Paul video 1:

Paul video 2:

Paul video 3:

Teenagers Signs Video’s

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#imagine Resource Pack 2016

Scripture Video’s

Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. John 4: 4 -26

Scripture Part 1:

Scripture Part 2:

Teenage Video’s

#See: Jesus sees the Samaritan woman for who she is. He cares for her and addresses her needs. In the same way, Jesus wants to help you to view your reality in a different way – to #SEE yourself, your life and the world around you in a different way.

#Building Bridges:Jesus crosses several boundaries and builds a bridge towards the Samaritan woman. He does this lovingly by engaging in conversation in a spirit of friendship. This story calls us to be bridge builders just like Jesus – we need to cross the boundaries of our time.

#Tell: The Samaritan woman became a witness in her village when she told(TELL) everyone about her conversation with Jesus. You are being challenged to take up your cross in your identity in Christ, follow Him and TELL your story to others. He wants to share his heart for the world with you. You can influence your “village” and make a difference.

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#imagine Resource Pack 2015

Scripture Video’s

Jesus heals a paralyzed man. A modern interpretation showcasing a few different perspectives.